My grandfather opened his huge garden the day that he seed his damson, apple, of mulberry, pear seeds and much more. His most happy moment is when he shared his table. He took care of every fruit trees by pruning and inoculating. He shared his fruits. No one can ever say that I passed his door without inviting in. Every people who are welcomed in our house tasted our damsons, apples, and mulberries. We keep alive my grandfather’s memory by protecting his garden, loving his trees and sharing fruits as long as you are exist. We value people,nature,green,blue and soil.


Our main purpose here is touching people, and every heart that we can reach.We offer a peaceful environment for people to eat fresh fruit from the branch of our tree in comfort of their home.


We serve as a restaurant since 2004. Above all things customer satisfaction and loyalty of our guests are most important for us. Our guests are people who we cared and hosted by us three days in a week. After a while we feel that they come here to see us. Our first aim is to protect this marvel of nature next to our human and customer relations.


La Terra is a live place, a individual. This is why he follows agenda, renews himself, but he vaues love and respect connection whis is the main pupose.