About Us

The first and foremost, the story of the fruit trees goes back to 1970s when my grandfather planted each seed and seedlings: plums, cherries, mulberries, apples and many others. Not only we have all eaten their fruits from their branches, we have also taken afternoon naps under their shades.He was also the creator of the idea of SERCESME SOFRASI which has been serving you since 2004 and whose success has been growing day by day.


From now on we would like to continue our mission serving you under a new brand name “La Terra” which we aim to make it a meeting point of different tastes and atmosphere. We changed our name to La Terra to reflect my grandfather`s love for the earth and soil.


You can relax and unwind in the surroundings of our new La Terra and experience differing ambiance and our menus. Welcome to La Terra!